20mm Topsoil

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If you’re searching for an affordable and versatile topsoil for your outdoor projects, Alsoils’ 0.75m³ bulk bag of 20mm screened second-grade topsoil is an excellent choice. This second-grade topsoil is a great option if you’re looking to keep costs low while still providing a high-quality soil for your plants.

Our 20mm Topsoil is a multi-purpose soil that has a higher stone content than our premium topsoil and is ideal for infilling those deeper areas where you don’t want to waste quality topsoil.

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Alsoils+ 20mm Topsoil is a dark brown, fine and organic topsoil blend that is full of nutrients. Our weed-free topsoil is perfect for a range of garden and landscaping needs and goes well with topsoil to promote healthy roots and drainage.

While it may not be as fine or nutrient-rich as our premium topsoil, it is still a good choice for those who need to fill larger areas or require a base layer for their garden projects. All of our bulk bags are filled to the brim, so you can be sure that you get the best value for money and a high-quality product.

Suitable for: Levelling lawns, wildflower planting and backfilling

Screened to: 20mm

Bag size: 0.75m³

Available in: Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester, Waterlooville and other towns and villages within Hampshire and West Sussex


20mm Topsoil FAQs

What is 20mm topsoil used for?

20mm topsoil is ideal for infilling those deeper areas where you don’t want to waste quality topsoil – a great option for a variety of projects in the garden.

What are the benefits of screened topsoil?

Screened topsoil eliminates large rocks, pebbles and other debris – this allows nutrients and water to flow naturally through the soil

How much is a tonne of 20mm screened topsoil?

Generally speaking, 1 tonne of 20mm topsoil will cover 0.63 cubic metres or 22 cubic feet or 0.81 cubic yards.Can screened topsoil help with water drainage?

Our 20mm screened topsoil improves water drainage with its fine texture, especially beneficial for lawns where effective drainage is essential for healthy plants and avoiding waterlogging issues.

Is screened topsoil suitable for raised beds?

Screened topsoil is suitable for raised beds due to Its refined texture and lack of debris making it a favourable option for gardens that are established in raised beds. Screened topsoil provides an optimal foundation for plant growth and root development within these elevated planting areas.

What are the main features of this topsoil?

Our 20mm screened topsoil is of high quality and contains slightly more stones than our premium topsoil, making it ideal for various gardening and landscaping projects. Its compatibility with topsoil enhances strong root growth and improves drainage.

Our 20mm bulk bags are also generously filled, ensuring you have ample screened topsoil for your project

How often should I water plants growing in screened topsoil?

We recommend watering plants in screened topsoil by gauging the soil’s moisture content and watering when the top inch or so becomes dry to the touch. However, how regularly you water your plants varies due to factors like plant type, weather, and soil moisture.

Is screened topsoil suitable for improving soil in established lawns?

Yes, screened topsoil is suitable for improving the soil in established lawns. Varieties like blended loam topsoil, lawn seeding topsoil, and regular screened topsoil are frequently used to enhance lawn quality and promote healthy growth.

These types of topsoil can be beneficial for topdressing and overseeding to revitalise the soil and maintain a lush, thriving lawn.


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Delivery Information

Our 20mm-Screened Topsoil bulk bag deliveries are typically made via a vehicle with a crane offload.

Deliveries will be between 2/5 working days from ordering – unfortunately we are unable to specify a specific time although if you call us, we can usually let you know what day and a rough time to expect your delivery, however due to the nature of our business this cannot be guaranteed and can change at short notice.

Being a local, family-run business we only have the capabilities to deliver topsoil, manure, mulch and other products to areas near our HQ in Hambledon, Hampshire (see our delivery zones page for more information). Please note, we are currently unable to deliver bulk bags of 20mm-Screened Topsoil within the Portsmouth Clean Air Zone.


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Mark Belshaw
Mark Belshaw
Ordered 2 bulk bags of manure on Wednesday, late afternoon and all was delivered by Friday lunch time. Great quality product and excellent delivery turnaround.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith
Excellent, from order to delivery. 10 tonnes of loose load top soil delivered within a few days. Best price and the 10mm screened soil is great quality. Thank you
Lesley Barry
Lesley Barry
Excellent product ordered 4 bags of top soil the driver was so accommodating as we have a very long driveway. The customer sevice was excellent. Thank you.
David Robberts
David Robberts
Excellent product at a sensible price from a local supplier. Staff are friendly and willing to help: I asked if just one bag of topsoil could be delivered quickly and it arrived next day! Great service.
Mark Hibberd
Mark Hibberd
Smooth execution of the transaction and delivery. Very helpful phone call and conversation. Ordered three bags of Border Blend topsoil. Paid by Paypal. They delivered, on the specified date, carefully, exactly where I wanted the bags placed. All in all, a very pleasing purchase. The topsoil was excellent and had been very carefully prepared. No lumps. Would definitely recommend and I will use again. Everyone I spoke to was nice and helpful.
David Stamp
David Stamp
Ordered topsoil on Tuesday came by Friday at the exact time quoted. Was WAY cheaper than anywhere else (by about £15 per bag) and was dropped off via a crane on back of the lorry, not by pallet which most of the other places use. Soil was fine and dry. Brilliant !