Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil

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If you’re searching for something that can increase crop yields and promote healthy plant growth, look no further than Alsoils’ 0.75m³ bulk bag of Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil! Our fruit and vegetable topsoil is a high-quality fertile and lime-free topsoil.

It’s packed with essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are critical for fruit and vegetable development. This type of topsoil is ideal for growing vegetables, fruits and other crops in raised beds, gardens, vegetable patches or allotments.

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Alsoils+ Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil is a dark, fine and friable organic-rich blend, full of essential nutrients and minerals that vegetables and fruits need for healthy growth. Whether your crop is above or below ground, our topsoil will ensure you get an excellent tasting vegetable or fruit.

With our fruit and vegetable topsoil, growing your own fresh produce has never been easier. Simply add the topsoil to your raised vegetable beds or fruit beds, mix it in, and you’re ready to start planting. All of our bulk bags are filled to the brim, so you can be sure that you get the best value for money and a high-quality product.

Suitable for: Vegetable patches, allotments, fruit cages and other areas for crops

Screened to: 10mm

Bag size: 0.75m³

Available in: Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester, Waterlooville and other towns and villages within Hampshire and West Sussex


Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil FAQs

What topsoil is best for vegetables and fruit?

Our vegetable and fruit topsoil is produced for the primary use of growing a variety of fruits and veg. Its nutrient-rich nature allows fruits such as apples and vegetables such as potatoes to grow in a healthy and sustainable manner.

How deep should topsoil be for vegetables and fruit plants?

Root vegetables will require between 3-4cm of topsoil, whereas other types of vegetables that grow on top of the ground as well as fruit bushes, they will require between 1-2cm of topsoil.

When should I apply vegetable and fruit topsoil?

Spring and autumn are typically the best times to lay vegetable and fruit topsoil. This is because the ground is warm and rain is more frequent, so you’ll likely see better results for your crops

Can I use vegetable & fruit topsoil for other types of plants?

Vegetable and fruit topsoil is suitable for various other types of plants in raised beds, gardens, vegetable patches or allotments. Its nutrient-rich composition and balanced structure can provide benefits for a range of plants promoting healthy growth and productivity for various gardening projects.

Is vegetable and fruit topsoil suitable for raised beds?

Vegetable and fruit topsoil is well-suited for raised beds, vegetable patches, borders and allotments. Its composition is tailored to cater to the requirements of these planting environments, providing the essential nutrients and structure needed for successful cultivation.

Can I mix fruit and vegetable topsoil with existing garden soil?

Yes, mixing fruit and vegetable topsoil with existing soil can enhance soil fertility, improve drainage and provide the necessary nutrients for productive plant growth. Mixing the two types of soil creates a balanced and enriched planting environment that supports the health and development of your vegetables, fruits and other garden plants.

Can I use vegetable and fruit topsoil for container gardening?

Vegetable and fruit topsoil isn’t intended for potted house plants. However, it’s best for container gardening, where it provides essential nutrients and structure that particularly support plants like vegetables and fruits.

Is vegetable & fruit topsoil pH-adjusted for specific plants?

Vegetable & fruit topsoil doesn’t come pH-adjusted for specific plants. The growth of vegetables and other plants thrives when the soil pH aligns with their specific requirements.

Soil pH affects nutrient availability to plant roots, making it important to either choose plants that suit the soil pH or adjust the soil pH to match a plant’s needs. While vegetable & fruit topsoil provides beneficial nutrients, monitoring and adjusting soil pH if necessary can further optimise plant health and growth.

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Delivery Information

Our Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil bulk bag deliveries are typically made via a vehicle with a crane offload.

Deliveries will be between 2/5 working days from ordering – unfortunately we are unable to specify a specific time although if you call us, we can usually let you know what day and a rough time to expect your delivery, however due to the nature of our business this cannot be guaranteed and can change at short notice.

Being a local, family-run business we only have the capabilities to deliver topsoil, manure, mulch and other products to areas near our HQ in Hambledon, Hampshire (see our delivery zones page for more information). Please note, we are currently unable to deliver bulk bags of Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil within the Portsmouth Clean Air Zone.


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Mark Belshaw
Mark Belshaw
Ordered 2 bulk bags of manure on Wednesday, late afternoon and all was delivered by Friday lunch time. Great quality product and excellent delivery turnaround.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith
Excellent, from order to delivery. 10 tonnes of loose load top soil delivered within a few days. Best price and the 10mm screened soil is great quality. Thank you
Lesley Barry
Lesley Barry
Excellent product ordered 4 bags of top soil the driver was so accommodating as we have a very long driveway. The customer sevice was excellent. Thank you.
David Robberts
David Robberts
Excellent product at a sensible price from a local supplier. Staff are friendly and willing to help: I asked if just one bag of topsoil could be delivered quickly and it arrived next day! Great service.
Mark Hibberd
Mark Hibberd
Smooth execution of the transaction and delivery. Very helpful phone call and conversation. Ordered three bags of Border Blend topsoil. Paid by Paypal. They delivered, on the specified date, carefully, exactly where I wanted the bags placed. All in all, a very pleasing purchase. The topsoil was excellent and had been very carefully prepared. No lumps. Would definitely recommend and I will use again. Everyone I spoke to was nice and helpful.
David Stamp
David Stamp
Ordered topsoil on Tuesday came by Friday at the exact time quoted. Was WAY cheaper than anywhere else (by about £15 per bag) and was dropped off via a crane on back of the lorry, not by pallet which most of the other places use. Soil was fine and dry. Brilliant !