What is Rootzone Soil?

Rootzone and other blends of sand, topsoil and loam are hugely versatile amongst both gardens and professional locations such as golf courses, football pitches and more, but if you’re new to the landscaping world, it can be difficult to understand exactly what rootzone is, what the benefits are and what rootzone can be used for.

In this landscaping guide, we outline everything there is to know about rootzone so that you leave here with the knowledge you need to grow your garden or other type of landscape.

What is rootzone soil?

Rootzone soil is a carefully engineered soil mix that is used for horticultural and landscaping purposes so that it can provide the ideal growing conditions for the roots of sports turf and other high-performance landscaping plants. Rootzone typically consists of sand, loam, topsoil and other organic materials that are blended together to create a soil that provides the right balance of drainage, aeration, and water-holding capacity for plants to thrive.

What are the benefits of rootzone soil?

The primary goal of rootzone soil is to create a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil that supports healthy plant growth and establishment, however rootzone soil provides several other advantages for plants and their growth, including:

Improved drainage

One of the key benefits of rootzone soil is that it allows for proper drainage. When soil is too dense, it can become waterlogged, leading to root rot and other issues. Rootzone soil has a light and porous structure that allows water to drain through while retaining enough moisture to support plant growth.

Optimal aeration

This soil also provides optimal aeration for plant and grass roots, which is essential for healthy growth. Air is important for the exchange of gases between the plant and the soil, and it also helps to reduce soil compaction.

Increased nutrient availability

Rootzone soil is formulated with a range of nutrients that are essential for plant growth. These nutrients are made readily available to the roots, which can help to promote healthy growth and establishment.

Improved soil structure

Our rootzone soil has a loose and friable structure, which makes it easier for plant roots to penetrate and explore. This structure also helps to reduce soil compaction, which can inhibit root growth and reduce plant health.

What can rootzone soil be used for

Rootzone is particularly well-suited for use in sports fields and other high-performance applications, where the roots of the turf need to be able to support the weight of athletes and maintain their shape and structure despite heavy use, however it’s also great for other landscaping projects. Read our blog on how deep rootzone should be too!


Rootzone soil is commonly used for landscaping purposes, especially in areas where the native soil is not suitable for planting. It can be used as a topsoil, a growing medium for container plants, or as a soil amendment to improve the quality of existing soil.

Sport-related turf

Rootzone soil is also commonly used in the construction of golf courses, football pitches and other sports turf applications. The well-draining properties of sports rootzone soil allow for proper water management, which is essential for maintaining healthy turf. Additionally, the organic matter in rootzone soil provides the necessary nutrients to support the growth of grass and other ground cover plants.


Rootzone soil is widely used in horticulture for growing a range of plants, including vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. It is particularly useful for plants that have specific requirements, such as raised garden beds, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems.

Where can I buy rootzone soil? – Conclusion

In conclusion, rootzone soil is an essential component of many horticultural and landscaping projects. Its blend of organic matter and mineral soils provides an optimal growing environment for plants, supporting healthy growth and establishment.

Whether you are a professional landscaper or a home gardener, rootzone soil is an excellent choice for improving the quality of your soil and promoting healthy plant growth. Alsoils+ has been servicing domestic and trade customers on the South Coast for over 35 years with the highest quality sports rootzone soil, leaving you safe in the knowledge that we can cater for your needs.

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