• Border Blend Topsoil

    £50.00 exc VAT
    Border Blend Topsoil is a high quality blend of premium topsoil and organic manure. This is ideal for creating new borders and beds, or for adding to existing planting areas that require that vital boost to ensure your plants are thriving once again. Bag Size: 0.75m³
  • Premium Topsoil

    £50.00 exc VAT
    Premium Topsoil is a high quality fertile topsoil. It has been screened down to 10mm and blended with a peat free soil conditioner. This general purpose topsoil is ideal for landscaping and for use in wetter conditions, where drainage comes into play. Bag Size: 0.75m³
  • Sports Rootzone

    £67.50 exc VAT
    We offer a complete range of Sports Rootzone products suitable for Golf Courses, Football and Rugby Clubs. A range of blends are available, described by the volumetric proportions of sand and organic, from 50-50 to 90-10. Bag Size: 0.75m³
  • Soil Conditioner

    £50.00 exc VAT
    Composted Soil Conditioner to improve root growth and microbial activity, improve resistance to diseases, increase water retention and reduce soil temperatures. Bag Size: 0.75m³
  • Bark Mulch

    £60.00 exc VAT
    Bark Mulch is a natural product that will help keep weeds at bay. This product is not only a quick and easy way of transforming your garden but also great for retaining moisture in those dry places. Bag Size: 0.75m³
  • 20mm Topsoil

    £45.00 exc VAT
    20mm . Our 20mm topsoil is a second grade soil it has ahigher stone content than our premium topsoil. This is ideal for infilling those deeper areas where you don't want to waste quality topsoil. Bag Size: 0.75m³
  • Organic Manure

    £50.00 exc VAT
    Organic Manure is a well rotted horse manure, full of nutrients to encourage root growth. Ideal for mixing into those borders or for spreading over those allotments and vegetable plots. Bag Size: 0.75m³

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