Green Waste Recycling

peat free composting in west sussex

Here at Alsoils+ we take in green waste from a number of local councils, local nurseries and landscapers. We turn all of our green waste into a range of high-quality peat-free compost and soil conditioner; varying between 5mm and 25mm for agricultural usage.

The composting process is 100% natural as only air and water are used. The process is started off by shredding the green waste down to a manageable size, this is then placed in windrows where the composting phase begins its lengthy process.

The windrows are turned on a regular basis enabling the compost to be aerated. This maintains a consistent high temperature which is vital to sterilise the compost, destroying and weed seeds that may be present.

Once the temperature falls, the compost is ready to be screened down to size. This reduces any unwanted particles, and all oversized pieces are returned to the compost process to begin all over again.

  • about quality topsoils

    The Importance of a Quality Topsoil

    Plants concentrate their roots in the top 2 to 8 inches of soil where soil has a high concentration of micro-organisms and organic matter.

  • soil products in hampshire and sussex

    Soil to The Highest Standard

    At Alsoils+ we ensure that all our soil has been screened to the highest standards so that all the large stones and root matter are taken out.

  • hardwearing garden lawn turf

    Garden Lawn Turf

    Our garden lawn turf is hardwearing, easy to maintain and ideal for any garden. Cut to order, you can rest assured it will reach you in top condition.

  • ballast and aggregates in portsmouth and fareham

    Ballast & Aggregates

    We can cater for any quantity of materials you require. Just measure the area you need to cover and contact us for quantity and the cost.